TransferTo has won the Cashless World Award for Mobile Payment, recognizing promising innovative applications and services for the Payment sector. 

The three awards given out at Cashless World are:

  • The Cashless World Award for MOBILE PAYMENT was presented to “TransferTo Mobile Money Hub” by TransferTo (Singapore).
  • The Cashless World Award for DIGITAL BANKING was presented to “BanQu” by BanQu (USA)
  • The Cashless World Award for PAYMENT SECURITY/FRAUD PROTECTION was presented to “Motion Code” by Oberthur Technologies (France).

The Awards ceremony was held on 8 November at Cashless World in Brussels. Charles Damen, EVP Mobile Money from TransferTo received the Mobile Payment Award from Awards Jury Chair, Samee Zafar, Director London Office, Edgar Dunn & Associates.