Pay the world.

Thunes is building a global payment infrastructure for a better payment experience. With a single, simple connection to Thunes APIs, your business and customers can send payments to – and accept payments in – every corner of the world. Instantly.

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Why choose Thunes for cross border payments?

A set of APIs that give you access to truly global, instant and transparent payments.

Fast and traceable transactions at up to 10x lower fees

No intermediaries. No endless delays. Just fast, transparent and reliable payments.

A robust network – trusted by the world’s biggest businesses

We’ve built a well-established, reliable and far-reaching network, founded on strong and direct relationships.

Global reach backed by local insight and agility

Our payment flow is optimised for each market, with deep local insight across the challenging last mile.

One Global Payment System. Unlimited Cross Border Transfers. Endless Potential.

Access the world’s fastest growing and biggest economies, across 130 countries. One integration with Thunes makes cross-border payments and collections as simple as local money transfers.

Our Payout Capabilities

Make payments from conventional and alternative payment methods.

Cross-border Payments

Tap into robust, real-time remittance solutions designed for every kind of business.

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Business Payments

A reliable, visible solution to enable cross-border trade for your customers.

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Mass Payouts

Issue mass payouts to your global partners in a fast and secure way.

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Virtual Accounts

An innovative service making it simple to issue fully compliant virtual accounts.

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Our Collections Capabilities

Accept payments from conventional and alternative payment methods

Mobile Wallets

Accept the fastest growing type of payment method – customers can pay online, in store or on mobile via their digital wallet.

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Bank Accounts

Accept payins or make payouts to bank accounts globally and get real-time transaction reports.

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Local Card Schemes

Accept the most popular local card payments or make payouts to local card schemes around the world.

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Payment by installment

Grow your ATV and volumes allowing customers to pay in multiples time.

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Payment on invoice

Crucial for B2B and also B2C, allow your customers to pay when they receive their invoices.

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Who we serve

Our global money exchange network enables people to pay and get paid.

We help you and your customers make and accept payments, simply, securely and fast – anywhere in the world.

Mobile Wallets

Expand your payment network instantly and access fast growing markets.

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Payment Service Providers

Offer faster, more visible payment in more countries and currencies.

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Platforms and Marketplaces

Create a better experience for buyers and sellers with fast. compliants and visibile corss-border payments.

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Plug into our payment network and open a world of opportunity.

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Money Transfer Operators

Expand your cross-border corridors fast, securely and cost effectively.

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Creator Economy Platforms

Fast, frictionless payments for content creators around the world.

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Make it simple to do business across borders

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Our customers

We Power Payments for the World’s Most Ambitious Businesses

What Our Clients Say

With a single integration, Thunes network provides us with global coverage and varied payment options delivering seamless cross-border transactions. We are increasing financial inclusion across various markets.

Patrice Kiiru

Group Associate Director, International Banking Payments

We will continue to work with Thunes to expand the network to more countries worldwide. We want to make it easy and efficient for members to securely transfer money to their loved ones. This way, they can focus on what truly matters – helping make the world a better place. Partnering with Thunes offers a proven way forward.

Bill Thomas

Chief Member Operations Officer at United Nations Federal Credit Union

Thunes’ extensive global payments network has allowed us to offer faster daily earnings to these invaluable partners. Thunes seamlessly took care of the entire set-up and integration process, allowing us to focus on our market strategy and better serving our users.

Jason Thompson

Head of GrabPay