Offering Flip’s customers
enhanced payment options


Flip is a leading Indonesian payment platform that serves more than 10 million users with a broad range of financial solutions, including interbank transfers, overseas transfers, and e-wallet top-ups. 

Hundreds of businesses and SMEs use Flip’s disbursement and remittance services for employee payroll, customer refunds, invoice/ supplier payments, and international transfers.


Indonesia is undergoing one of the fastest digital transformations in the world, with mobile wallets becoming increasingly popular among the country’s large underbanked population. 

With consumers and businesses demanding faster and more seamless payment methods to send money internationally, Flip needed to find a partner to enhance its customer experience. Their primary focus was improving the quality of transfers, reducing remittance costs and speeding up transaction times when making cross-border payments.

Our Solution

Through this collaboration, Thunes allowed Flip to further expand its existing reach, using Thunes’ global network and payment capabilities to offer quick, affordable, and reliable payments for new corridors. Thunes’ single API gave Flip a seamless solution, along with high-quality integration support, to fuel rapid business expansion.


  • From Q4 2021 to Q1 2022, Flip doubled its transfers
  • Payouts made to 45 countries

Thunes transformed Flip’s customer experience, making cross-border payments as fast and frictionless as making a local payment,  and opened up dozens of new payment corridors. With access to more corridors, Flip doubled the amount of funds transferred overseas in Q1 2022 compared to Q4 2021.

Payout countries
The number of transfers

“Our partnership with Thunes’ extensive network and scalable platform complements our business strategy, to provide better coverage and value for our customers”.


Henri Halim

VP of Enterprise Growth
& Business Development

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