Empowering the Creator Economy

Fast, frictionless payments for content creators around the world.
All you need is a simple connection to access the Thunes global network. Don’t just pay – pay in the way your creators like to be paid, and in their local currency.

Powering payments for content creators everywhere

We’re optimized for all types of transactions. Send cash via e-wallet, bank transfer, card or even by cash-pick. For payments as small as $0.10 or as high as $1,000,000, at rates that are up to 80% lower than traditional bank transfers.

A robust, reliable,
real-time network.

Our global network processes 180 million transactions per year in over 126 countries – and over 90% of transactions are done in real-time. Our global network is built on a strong foundation of local knowledge, to connect even the hard-to-reach markets.

Full transaction

Content creators will know how much they’re getting paid up-front. If a transaction is not immediate, creators will know exactly where their money is and when it has arrived. We offer real-time reporting that includes instant payment confirmation and enriched transaction details.

Upgrade your platform’s payment infrastructure

Influencer Pay-Outs

Available in 79 local currencies in over 126 countries, to keep creators happy.

Social Commerce

Open new revenue streams by creating shoppable experiences.

Growth & Engagement Programs

Grow audiences by rewarding users for referrals and loyalty.

Pay creators the same day + in their preferred way


More countries + more ways to pay = more revenue possibilities

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Easy onboarding and integration

Secure, robust, scalable APIs

Our cloud-based solution is hosted in Europe. It’s a robust, bank-level API with a 99.95% historical uptime.

Tried and tested technology

Our tools and technology are tried and tested to process a large volume of transactions and optimise the experience for both platform operators and end users.

Truly seamless integration

Integrate by API easily to join our fully interoperable and scalable platform backed by 24/7 tech support.

Rapidly onboard and manage multiple vendors

Automate the settlement and receive a consolidated report created by our sophisticated reconciliation and reporting tools.

We power payments for the world’s most ambitious businesses

Gig Economy Platforms & Marketplaces

Digital Money Transfer Operators

Banks and Neobanks

Fintechs and Mobile Wallets

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