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Fast, frictionless payments for content creators around the world. All you need is a simple connection to access the Thunes global network. Don’t just pay – pay in the way your creators like to be paid, and in their local currency.

Pay creators the same day + in their preferred way

Our influencer payment platform

Powering payments for content creators everywhere

We’re optimized for all types of transactions. Send cash via e-wallet, bank transfer, card or even by cash-pick. For payments as small as $0.10 or as high as $1,000,000, at rates that are up to 80% lower than traditional bank transfers.

A robust, reliable,
real-time network.

Our global network processes 180 million transactions per year in over 126 countries – and over 90% of transactions are done in real-time. Our global network is built on a strong foundation of local knowledge, to connect even the hard-to-reach markets.

Full transaction

Content creators will know how much they’re getting paid up-front. If a transaction is not immediate, creators will know exactly where their money is and when it has arrived. We offer real-time reporting that includes instant payment confirmation and eznriched transaction details.

Paying content creators made simple

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