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Connect to Thunes global payment network, meet and exceed the demands of your global customers and streamline cross-border payouts and international transfers.

Our cross-border payments platform

Thunes offers white-label cross-border payments solutions, to help your users and business customers send payments internationally – whenever, wherever and however they choose. We specialise in interoperable and transparent global payments solutions, and have a breadth of expertise across all key verticals and use cases: from simple money transfers, to mass payouts and business payments.

One Payment API

Using our cross-border payment platform, you will be able to access most popular payment methods around the world via a single API.

Easy Integration

Integrate and implement fast cross-border payments securely and cost-effectively. Our experienced Solutions Delivery team will be with you at every stage of the integration process.

Accept and Settle

Our Collections platform also allows your customers to accept online payments from buyers around the world, in their preferred payment method.

How do cross-border
payments work?

Our global payment network is built on direct connections with reliable partners – that’s how we deliver the highest transaction completion rates, even in complex emerging markets. We’re constantly adding new partners and payment methods – so we can scale, adjust and customise our solutions for you.

We don’t compromise on compliance and monitor every transaction, vet every partner, and comply with every regulation.

We are licensed by MAS (SG), FCA (UK), FinCen (US), ACPR (France).

Onboarding & API implementation

Onboarding can be completed in a few weeks – thanks to our robust, scalable APIs and a dedicated Solutions Delivery team. We offer integration support, and will help your product team to test and create a seamless end user experience for your customers.


Seamless Global Payments
Simply connect your sites and services and make global payments as simple as local money transfers.

Real-time reporting
Including instant payment confirmation and enriched transaction information – makes the whole process visible and transparent.

B2B cross-border payments

Cross-border business payments can be overly complicated and expensive. With Thunes, there will be no more headaches processing and managing lots of small-ticket transactions with unreliable partners in difficult markets.

Our robust network processes 180 million transactions per year, is built on strong local knowledge and direct connections – even in hard-to-reach markets.

Our payout APIs allow you to have access to the fastest-growing markets across the world – from Andorra, Argentina and Brazil, to Kenya, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe, just to name a few. And we will continue to grow. Wherever you live, and whichever country you want to do business with or in, we will do our best to provide the right payment solutions for you.

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