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Digital Payments

Enabling the acceptance of mobile wallets in emerging markets

Scale your business with a wider range of payment methods

We link digital wallets into our network to make it possible for consumers in emerging economies to have access to alternate payment systems.

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Your Benefits

  • Drive local customer acquisition
  • Single settlement with preferred currencies
  • Full suite of monitoring and reporting tools

Benefits for your customers

  • No bank account required
  • Payment with local currency
  • Convenient and saves time

How it works

We interconnect diverse payments systems, enabling Mobile Wallet Operators, Corporations, Merchants, Money Transfer Operators, and Banks to move funds in and out of emerging countries in real-time.


End-to-end integration support from our own highly experienced tech team

Full suite of monitoring and reporting tools

Real-time monitoring and secure transaction logs


Strict international standards for due diligence and transaction monitoring

24/7 Support

Global phone and
email support round
the clock