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Virtual Accounts

A cutting-edge solution that simplifies your process of issuing virtual accounts

For payment service providers and platforms operating in emerging markets, creating virtual accounts or opening bank accounts in multiple countries poses several challenges. As the experts in cross-border payments, we come into the picture to fill the gaps in existing solutions in the market.

Our Virtual Accounts solution boasts a number of key features. You’ll be able to issue unlimited virtual accounts through a simplified process. Additionally, our solution is fully compliant with local regulations, and we provide notification on the status of each payment, which minimises the time you need to spend on checking payment statuses.

When you choose to work with Thunes, the benefits go beyond having access to a robust solution—we bring our expertise in international payments compliance, extensive global network and stellar customer service support to the partnership.

Your Benefits

  • Drive local merchant acquisition
  • Single settlement with preferred currency
  • Full suite of monitoring and reporting tools
  • Greater cost and operational efficiencies

Benefits for Your Partners

  • Expand reach beyond developed markets, into emerging economies worldwide
  • Accept payments without a bank account
  • Complete payments using local currency
  • Time savings and convenience

How it works

We connect diverse payments systems, enabling the seamless transfer of funds between accounts and across borders in real-time. Leverage our robust platform and advanced technological capabilities to simplify your process of issuing unlimited virtual accounts. 


Simple Integration

Easy to integrate APIs and rigorous testing each step of the way


Comprehensive Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring and reporting processes for fraud prevention



We adhere to strict international standards for due diligence and transaction monitoring


Global reach

You’ll be connected to our entire payments ecosystem, comprising partners in over 100 countries and 60 currencies


24/7 Worldwide Support

We provide 24/7 technical support via phone and email across all timezones

Our Virtual Accounts solution caters to

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