Expand your payment features smoothly, compliantly and cost-effectively

Expand into new markets. Enhance your product offering. Win new customers, and keep existing ones happy. Thunes helps digital wallet operators around the world launch killer features like real-time payments, beneficiary validation capability, or multi-currency payments.

How Thunes Helps you provide a Seamless Payment experience

Why use our B2B payment solutions

Transparent, real-time global payments – for better customer engagement

Our direct connections with payments providers around the world allows us achieve more transparency for your customers. Fully transparent transaction status and fees mean they’ll know exactly what they’re paying upfront – with rates of up to 10x lower.

A robust, reliable network – that can scale with you

Thunes can send payments to 130 countries and in 69 currencies. We’re constantly adding new partners and payment methods – so we can scale, adjust our solutions for you.

A faster time-to-market with effortless API integration

Onboarding & implementation can be completed in a few weeks or even days – thanks to our robust, highly scalable and simple to integrate API. We offer integration support and will help your product team test and create a seamless end user experience for your customers.

A Robust Payment Network

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Our customers

We Power Payments for the World’s Most Ambitious Businesses

What Our Clients Say

“As Asia’s first cross-border mobile payment alliance, VIA enhances the digital payment experience for customers. It provides a transparent and secure way for travellers to use their home mobile wallets to pay seamlessly at competitive exchange rates when overseas. Our goal is to drive the adoption of mobile payments across ASEAN and believe that meaningful partnerships such as those with Thunes – our payment platform partner – are key to achieving this.”

Gilbert Chuah

CEO of Singtel Dash

“Thunes will allow Tigo Money to accelerate  international money transfers into our digital wallets, by connecting more and more  partners around the world, in less time and offering a reliable, fast and secure way for customers to receive their money.”

Ronald Alverenga

Director of Mobile Financial Services LATAM, Millicom

“Thunes has the global reach, network of partners and assured compliance required that we need as we continue to rapidly scale international money transfers with financial institutions and mobile operators worldwide, enabling our users to receive funds from even more countries globally.”

Michael Joseph

Chairman of M-PESA

“Thunes’ extensive global payments network has allowed us to offer faster daily earnings to these invaluable partners. Thunes seamlessly took care of the entire set-up and integration process, allowing us to focus on our market strategy and better serving our users.”

Jason Thompson

Head of GrabPay