From Cash to QR Codes: Unpacking Southeast Asia’s Diverse Consumer Payments Culture

What’s inside?

This report from Thunes and Kapronasia examines the payment culture in SEA to understand what, how and why it’s changing. It explores:

  • The evolving consumer landscape including the growth of digital wallets, new government initiatives, central bank policies, emergent payment methods such as QR codes and Buy-Now-Pay-Later and the role of micro-merchants.

  • SEA payment culture and how:
  1. Cash retains a vital role in Point-of-Sale payments.
  2. eCommerce continues to drive digital wallet adoption.
  3. Two or three digital wallet players vie for local market dominance amid low consumer loyalty.
  4. Digital wallets offer micro-financial services to increase their utilisation.   
  5. Consumers in rural and urban areas adopt cashless payments for different reasons.