LinkedIn Live 1 – #10QuestionsWithThunes

Christophe Bourbier, Thunes Collections CEO was live on Linkedin with Axel Mouquet, president of Webhelp Payment Services, on #10QuestionsWithThunes this January 26, one of many Lives to come.

Introduction and context of Webhelp

Webhelp is the leading BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) in Europe and their missions are designing, optimizing and delivering processes for other businesses in different fields such as customer care, digital content moderation or, of course, payments.

Webhelp was founded in the 2000’s with the idea of creating a “human” search engine, which evolved into helping people with their processes. They have more than 100 000 employees and, as Axel mentioned, some of their clients are mainly from “financial industries” (BNP, HSBC…) because it is one of the fastest growing industries.

About Webhelp Payment Services

WPS is a team of more than a 1000 employees dedicated to BtoB payments business processes. Their mission is to support brands, such as Thunes, in the payment industry, in BtoB processes, but they also work with other businesses such as retailers.

Webhelp success

According to Axel, the success of Webhelp was due to their agility to switch, reinvent and expand their reach: they started in France and expanded to Europe and now they are also in the Americas and APAC. They have also extended their services as they diversified the industries they work with, which led to the creation of WPS amongst other services.

Why work with marketplaces ?

As Axel explained “any platform with many vendors and customers leads to a lot of interactions, which, in term, calls for more regulation and complex actions, and that’s where Webhelp comes in.” Moreover, as they studied the BtoB market and digitalisation, they found they were predominantly present in marketplaces.

About Thunes and Webhelp partnership

Thunes has the ability to be “solution driven” and their “agility to tailor ” their offers and services depending on the project as well as the diversity in their offers (launching a new payment method, developing new workflow…) is what encouraged this partnership on Webhelp’s part. Although BtoB and BtoC e-commerce are converging, it is not the case in payment where “details create a difference”. When, as a business, you need reconciliations or payment means, these qualities (being solution driven and agile) are very important.

On the other hand, Webhelp’s partnership brings support on business processes, such as customer care, to Thunes, as well as content moderation or compliance related operations when needed.

What’s next?

According to Axel, some of the biggest payment challenges faced by marketplaces are digitalisation, regulation and newcomers (competitiveness). They will therefore need to find a balance between these and find new solutions around management, payment delays, challenges and opportunities. And that’s what payments institutions, like Thunes, need to work on to help them overcome these challenges.