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Our solution for Mobile Money Operators

Cross-border payments present significant challenges for mobile money operators: regulations are complex, and licenses are difficult to obtain. Additionally, operators need to overcome the operational challenges that arise from managing multiple partners.

Here’s where we come into the picture. By partnering with Thunes, you can leverage our capabilities to facilitate seamless cross-border transactions.

Overcome regulatory hurdles with our expertise in international payment compliance

Regulatory requirements surrounding money transfer and cross-border transactions are complex. Tap into our compliance expertise to deftly navigate the unique regulatory landscape in each country.


Enable your customers to access their funds in real-time

Our real-time capabilities enable cross-border transactions that are fast and convenient. Your transaction is processed in real-time, and the settlement is completed on the next day or earliest value date.

Increased scalability

The significant costs associated with complying to regulations, investing in distribution infrastructure and establishing partnerships with key stakeholders can hinder your ability to grow. By bringing on Thunes as a partner, you’ll gain access to our entire payments ecosystem, thereby enabling you to realise the benefits of scale more easily.


Achieve optimal operational efficiency

Our cutting-edge technology facilitates seamless integration and streamlines your payment processes, so you can achieve optimal operational efficiency.

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