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Our solution for Money Transfer Operators

Cross-border payments present several challenges for money transfer operators. Navigating the regulatory landscape of each country and adhering to requirements can be a difficult process.

There’s also considerable investment cost and time required. You need to build up relationships, operations and a customer base in one country, and replicate these systems across new destinations. Furthermore, managing multiple partners and APIs creates operational challenges and an increased foreign exchange risk.

Here’s where we come into the picture. By partnering with Thunes, you can leverage our capabilities to facilitate seamless cross-border transactions.

Enjoy a faster time to market with our local expertise

Tap into our local expertise to cut down on the investment cost and time you’d require to establish your footprint in a new market.


Extend your reach

Expand your global reach through access to our worldwide payments ecosystem.

Leverage a single API

Make international payments with a single API integration built in-house.


Enjoy the simplicity of having one global partner

With one global partner, you’ll cut down on the administrative burden and operational inefficiencies that come with managing multiple partners. Reconciliation will be a breeze, and you’ll be able to monitor your transactions using a single platform.

Deliver a superior customer experience

Our real-time capabilities enable cross-border transactions that are quick and convenient. Your end-users will benefit from faster, more transparent payments.


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