Big Picture Thinking – Welcome to Thunes Limonetik!

Big Picture Thinking – Welcome to Thunes Limonetik!

Thunes’ recent acquisition of Limonetik, a European Payments Method Platform, solves a particularly complex payments jigsaw. And the picture that springs into focus is a complete suite of payments services that can help any business looking to go global.

Thunes has always had its eye on the bigger picture. While the evolution of digital payments continues to accelerate, with experts predicting global cashless transaction volume to more than double by 2030, the ecosystem remains largely fractured, with numerous misaligned parts. Thunes has set about solving some of the key challenges so the world’s fastest-growing businesses can operate more smoothly and efficiently across the globe.

Adding a global payments collection service

Our first step was building a powerful network that reaches even the hardest-to-reach markets, simplifying and streamlining the cross-border payments landscape in the process. Our innovative approach to dispersing payments is allowing us to help our partners send funds quickly, transparently and affordably across borders without the need for countless integrations to multiple systems. 

Now that we’ve made significant progress on that side – payments – it was time to focus on the other side – collections – which has similar challenges in this ecosystem. Helping our partners collect money rapidly and securely from all our markets is a natural expansion of our product menu. And this is where the acquisition of Limonetik proves invaluable.

Based in France, Limonetik is one of the earliest developers of an alternative payment method platform suitable for international merchants and marketplaces. And like Thunes, it closely partners with payment service providers and financial institutions, processing more than EUR 2 billion a year. In short, Limonetik resolves the integration complexity of processing diverse payment methods and associated back-office costs with a single API integration.  

Enabling multiple payment methods

Acquiring Limonetik accelerates our rollout of a global collections capability and complements our existing service offering perfectly. It enables businesses to get paid in 70 countries, using over 285 local payment methods such as mobile wallets, payment by instalment (BNPL), QR code payments and more. The solution will be known as Thunes Collections.

Now, by using the Thunes global payment network, as well as our new collections network, businesses and their customers can send payments to – and get paid in – every corner of the globe.

No more frustrating payment puzzles for companies doing international business. Just a single, complete end-to-end solution. Watch this space for updates.

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