Employee Spotlight: Alix Charlier

Employee Spotlight: Alix Charlier

Meet the humans behind Thunes. Our Employee Spotlight series gives you a glimpse into the unique and personal journeys of our team members. Discover how their life experiences shape our philosophy as a company.

As someone who has lived abroad most of my working life, I’ve experienced how difficult and expensive it can be to send money back home. 

I’m from Haiti, a small country in the Caribbean where remittances can make up 20% of the Gross Domestic Product. According to the Thomson Reuters Foundation, one-third of the population lives on less than $2.15 per day. Many Haitians rely on money sent from abroad as a lifeline for basic essentials. 

Many people there are underbanked and in dire need of better financial services to help them escape poverty. Because of this, I am passionate about improving cross-border payments to make it faster, cheaper and more reliable to send money home. With the recent improvements to technology, it’s now possible to provide better financial services to people in underserved markets and help make a difference in people’s lives. 

I studied business administration and a major in accounting from the State University of Haiti and received a Bachelor of Science degree. Shortly after, I began my career at a local affiliate of Deloitte in accounting. 

After four years, I joined Sogebank, the largest commercial bank in Haiti, working my way up to be Senior Vice President and Chief Executive Accounting Officer. Unfortunately, there is significant instability in Haiti, and people can be the targets of violence. At a pivotal moment, I decided emigrating would be safer for me and my family. I explored job opportunities with financial institutions throughout the Americas and Europe and found a role in financial services in South Florida in the United States. There was a significant Haitian population there that made me feel welcome. 

Seeing the finance world through Alix’s lens

Working in South Florida provided me with deep insight into money transfers and remittances. People in G20 nations lose $11.6b annually in excessive remittance fees. This system disproportionately affects hardworking migrant workers who support their families back home. I became passionate about making financial services more inclusive and qualified as a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS). Despite English being my second language, I advanced my career to become Senior Vice President in Compliance at the remittance firm Unitransfer in the US.

Uncharted horizons with a newfound calling

The ancient Roman philosopher Seneca said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” At that point, I had accumulated over two decades of experience in banking and remittance and was looking for a new opportunity. 

In 2022, Thunes’ people team contacted me, and within a matter of months, I assumed the role of Chief Compliance Officer and Secretary at Thunes.

Building a better world for tomorrow

I find great fulfilment in being a part of Thunes because the company strongly emphasises diversity and financial inclusion as integral parts of its culture. My current position has a vast scope; not only do I oversee compliance, but get to work closely with customers, partners and prospects.

Thunes places significant importance on my role, ethics and risk management as it goes to market. This approach has won the company contracts with banking partners and tier-one financial services companies. I take immense pride in what Thunes does and how it’s helping lower costs and improve the speed of cross-border payment.  

What makes my experience at Thunes even more special is the close-knit team I work with. We consistently celebrate each other’s growth, client successes and milestones. I enjoy my work that makes a difference for the underbanked and opens new opportunities for disadvantaged people.



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