Employee Spotlight on Christine Lee

Employee Spotlight on Christine Lee

Meet the humans behind Thunes. Our Employee Spotlight series gives you a glimpse into the unique and personal journeys of our team members. Discover how their life experiences shape our philosophy as a company.

In this article, meet Christine Lee, a Talent Acquisition Specialist, working on our People team in Singapore.

People have always intrigued me. So do how businesses work. I also like trying new experiences and learning, which has led me to work in many different job functions. My career journey led me to Thunes where I now make a big impact on the group to support new employee recruitment.

Diverse routes, shared humanity

Born in Singapore, I was raised in a multicultural society that places great importance on equality. This background instilled in me a deep appreciation for vastly different life experiences and perspectives from me. 

My coursework prepared me to become a financial trader, but I changed my mind. I was more interested in the creative process and producing something more tangible. After graduation, I worked in a variety of Marketing Specialist roles at advertising and creative agencies. Every day was different, and I got to manage client accounts, but after a while, I craved a different experience. 

Leaving a lasting impact on people’s lives

The decision to transition my career and become a recruiter was driven by my passion for working with people. I also wanted to directly contribute to organisational growth and leave a lasting impact on individuals.

In my previous marketing roles, I also enjoyed working with and learning about digital technology. I decided to become a Technical Recruiter, and eventually joined Thunes as a Talent Acquisition Specialist.

Balancing the work-life equilibrium

With headquarters in 20 offices worldwide, I meet with candidates worldwide. It’s a busy, intense role. The company is rapidly expanding and has critical positions to fill. Life at Thunes is fast-paced, but I enjoy that.

Some days are challenging. I do, of course, have time off and flexibility. I like to step back and ‘recalibrate’ by immersing myself in music, food, and arts. This personal time helps me approach existing problems with renewed clarity. Additionally, I rely on the camaraderie of my teammates and embrace a ‘Win Together’ mindset, and focusing on the things we can control and ignoring the noise. 

Where diversity can thrive, innovation can soar

Building a team at Thunes feels like assembling a jigsaw puzzle, where each member has a different strength and contributes a unique shape and colour that collectively forms a successful business function. Ultimately, I want the people we hire to be happy in their new roles and teams to be empowered and enabled. 

Engaging with unique individuals, especially those navigating career transitions like I once did, is incredibly rewarding.

What sets Thunes apart is its wholehearted embrace of diversity as a strength. Connecting with people from very different backgrounds, knowing that I can positively impact their lives, is a driving force that keeps me motivated.

To learn more about working at Thunes, visit our careers page.

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