Fintech company, Thunes, launches an impact programme ‘Turning Transactions into Actions’, partnering with Handprint to drive sustainability globally

Fintech company, Thunes, launches an impact programme ‘Turning Transactions into Actions’, partnering with Handprint to drive sustainability globally

Thunes is a global cross-border payments company focused on powering instant and accessible payments for the world’s fast-growing businesses. The company is committing to generating positive change through a newly launched ESG programme: Turning Transactions into Actions. As part of the programme, Thunes has partnered with Handprint, a SaaS company that helps businesses to drive sustainable change and make a positive impact on  the planet. 

Each initiative under the Turning Transactions into Actions programme will fit into one of four areas of focus: 

  • Sustainability
  • Responsibility
  • Diversity, and 
  • Equality

Handprint’s platform enables businesses to connect with regenerative projects that align with their values, ranging from forestry and coral reef construction to targeted education and disaster relief. 

Thunes partnership with Handprint is anchored in three fundamental pillars:

The first is Thunes’ commitment to invest in reforestation projects across the world, as a sustained effort over the course of the years.

Secondly, Thunes will support Handprint’s NGO payouts. By collaborating with Thunes, Handprint will be able to minimize the costs of running financial operations, making payments to their local partners and communities around the world transparent, fast, and affordable. By leveraging Thunes payment infrastructure, Handprint will be able to expand their regenerative projects to more sites, even in the most remote corners of the world.

And lastly, Thunes will aim to build in regeneration as part of various payment experiences available to Thunes customers, aiming to be a multiplier to impact.  

Peter De Caluwe, CEO at Thunes, commented on the partnership: “At Thunes, we aspire to reimagine global payments. Our platform is built on the vision of using technology to provide simplicity and access: we try to connect more places and communities, and our capabilities and globally connected teams put us in great stead to drive real forces of change. We hope to use our solutions and network to power Handprint’s vision by making regeneration accessible and affordable.”

“The initiative doesn’t just support our planet, it also supports people. The tree-planting projects support local communities by providing jobs and also raising awareness towards the collective benefits of reforestation conservation,” he added. 

Simon Schillebeeckx, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Handprint, said:The partnership with Thunes is very important to us. By enabling fast and low-cost money transfers to many developing countries, Thunes helps us make true on our promise to our clients to make impact funding transparent and deliver credible and measurable results.

Find out more about the project: Thunes & Handprint

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