How Thunes Business Hub Can Power Your Global Growth Strategy

How Thunes Business Hub Can Power Your Global Growth Strategy

Conquering domestic markets alone is not enough for today’s growth-hungry business owners. Entering the global marketplace opens up vital new opportunities – not only do you grow revenue when you increase your customer base, but your brand itself grows in value as product offerings increase. 

Research from Juniper Research predicts the total value of B2B cross-border payments will grow 30 per cent in two years, reaching $35 trillion in 2022, as more firms turn to international markets for suppliers, business partners and employees. These figures suggest that your competitors are already looking to go global. So what’s stopping you from tapping this opportunity and joining them? 

Often, a key stumbling block for businesses is the complexity of cross-border payments. Today, international collaborators expect instant, transparent online payments with no hidden fees, yet traditional methods like wire transfers can be slow, costly and unreliable.

Thunes Business Hub is designed to simplify doing business internationally without the need to connect to our API. It delivers a superior payments experience across borders, allowing you to send funds worldwide, in a cost-effective, secure and timely manner. Your cross-border processes are further boosted by automation to increase speed, reduce costs and minimize errors.

A Hassle-free Web-based Platform

Most of our customers enjoy advanced features such as real-time monitoring, enriched transaction reports and flexible security options by integrating with our API. However, we recognise that not all organisations have the IT resources for API integration.

Thunes Business Hub is a web-based platform, so you don’t have to dedicate development resources or make any technological investment for API integration at your end. Not only does this make it a cost-effective alternative solution, it’s also super quick to get up and running. Once signed up, you can start to make seamless, real-time cross-border transfers instantly to over 100 countries. It’s the fastest go-to-market response, in other words.

Flexibility is built into Thunes Business Hub to serve different business needs. One Transfer provides a frictionless experience for individual transfers where you’re guided step-by-step, with all mandatory fields clearly highlighted to make a successful transfer every time. You can even add senders and beneficiaries as favourites to save the hassle of re-keying details repeatedly.

Transfers made easy with the One Transfer feature on Thunes Business Hub

And when you need to create multiple transfers at one go, select Batch Transfer. Simply fill in the transaction template and consolidate your transfers throughout the day before uploading. To save time, the system auto-creates your transactions, skipping the need to enter them one by one.

Save hassle on multiple transfers with the Batch Transfer feature

Turn Your Global Payment System Into a Competitive Advantage

With Thunes Business Hub, you know exactly what’s happening, anytime and anyplace as you manage your account in real time. Search, view and download transactions, grant access to team members, and more from any of your devices. And there’s no uncertainty about your payments thanks to a totally secure and privacy compliant set up.

Since we launched Thunes Business Hub in late 2020, user feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with businesses enjoying its easy operation and reporting increases in average transaction flows. Following its successful introduction, most users have even expanded their use of Thunes’ network to take their business to even greater heights.

Interested to send funds with Thunes Business Hub? Get in touch with our team today.

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