Limonetik is Becoming Thunes Collections

Limonetik is Becoming Thunes Collections

Following the acquisition announcement of Limonetik by Thunes in July 2021, the two companies have worked together on a rebranding process to become one big family. The time has finally come, and we’re happy to announce the full merger of Limonetik into Thunes Collections.

To do so, we have been working with a new visual identity that reflects the joining of two strong forces into one. You can find more information about all aspects in this article:

Limonetik will also merge its social media channels and website to finalise the process. You can follow all news related to Thunes Collections via our channels below:

Complementing the existing Thunes Cross-Border Payments network with Thunes Collections gives our customers a single end-to-end payment solution that connects every corner of the world. With this rebranding done, we can now focus on making the global economy accessible to all.

Stay Thuned for the next steps in our shared adventure…

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Limonetik is now Thunes Collections - part of the leading cross-border payments platform Thunes.

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