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Continental Money partners with TransferTo to expand services in Africa
Continental Money, the international online money transfer service, is partnering with TransferTo, the leading global mobile money and value hub,
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TransferTo Is The Piping That Sends Cash And Phone Minutes To Overseas Friends And Family By John Biggs @johnbiggs - Getting lots of money from point A to point B is pretty easy
Read more. Why it’s time for Mobile Operators to become financially compliant periodically invites expert third parties to share their views on the industry's most pressing issues. In this piece Eric
Read more. Interview with TransferTo CEO Eric Barbier: How Technology is Changing the Money Transfer Landscape
In fragmented industries, opportunity comes with innovation. That's especially true in the remittance arena, which is marked by a relatively
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TransferTo Simplifies Mobile Money Transfers with Launch of Mobile Money platform at Finovate Fall
Financial institutions can now offer real-time international money transfers to mobile money users worldwide, as TransferTo launches Mobile Money platform
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Mobile World Live: TransferTo is happy to be Mobile Money’s middle man
Interviewer: Richard Handford, Mobile World Live from Facebook and Google to some well-funded specialists are eyeing up mobile remittances,
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Finovate Debuts: TransferTo’s Mobile Remittance Platform Gives the Sender More Control
TransferTo's mobile remittance platform allows users to send money across borders in real time, and for a specific purpose. The
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TransferTo announces launch of Global Value Hub at Finovate Europe
TransferTo, the industry leader in international mobile top-up, will be appearing at Finovate Europe, February 10th and 11th, to announce
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