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Keep up to date with our latest announcements, market insights, and success stories Interview with TransferTo CEO Eric Barbier: How Technology is Changing the Money Transfer Landscape
In fragmented industries, opportunity comes with innovation. That's especially true in the remittance arena, which is marked by a relatively
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TransferTo Simplifies Mobile Money Transfers with Launch of Mobile Money platform at Finovate Fall
Financial institutions can now offer real-time international money transfers to mobile money users worldwide, as TransferTo launches Mobile Money platform
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Mobile World Live: TransferTo is happy to be Mobile Money’s middle man
Interviewer: Richard Handford, Mobile World Live from Facebook and Google to some well-funded specialists are eyeing up mobile remittances,
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Finovate Debuts: TransferTo’s Mobile Remittance Platform Gives the Sender More Control
TransferTo's mobile remittance platform allows users to send money across borders in real time, and for a specific purpose. The
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TransferTo announces launch of Global Value Hub at Finovate Europe
TransferTo, the industry leader in international mobile top-up, will be appearing at Finovate Europe, February 10th and 11th, to announce
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