Say hello to a brand new Thunes

Say hello to a brand new Thunes

This week, Thunes got a new look. New logo, colours, tagline and more – the whole works. You might be reading this on our new website and asking, so what does this mean?

Fig 1: Our new logo & icon

Let’s rewind a bit. Four years ago, Thunes was launched with a simple premise of fixing everything that’s wrong with cross-border payments: Expensive fees. Long wait times. Unreliable middlemen. 

So we set on a mission to build the world’s fastest, most far-reaching payment network. We built dynamic teams in far-flung regions so you can access any country and economy. And we established trust with local regulators so businesses can rest easy knowing their compliance needs are well taken care of.

All this ground-breaking work took priority over our looks as you can imagine.

Four years and one incredible global network later

Just this week, we announced that pioneer alternative payment methods platform Limonetik will be joining Thunes.

We’ll combine our cross-border payments expertise with Limonetik’s global collections capability. What does this mean for our customers and partners? In essence, a single end-to-end payment solution will allow you to pay and get paid across the world in over 60+ currencies, in 110+ countries, with 285+ payment methods. Pretty revolutionary. 

And so, we thought it was about time that our looks reflected this category leading offering – opening new horizons and possibilities in payments and collections. 

Refreshing our look and feel to a T

What better way to see our new brand in action than with a video?

It’s bold. Demonstrating our authority and expertise in payments.

It’s modern. We stay ahead and move fast, getting your money where it needs to go.

It’s still Thunes, but better. We’ve evolved past our roots. Don’t just pay – now, you can #PaytheWorld.

What do you think of our new look? We’d love to hear what you think – drop us a line here.

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