Thunes + Limonetik: Introducing Thunes Collections

Thunes + Limonetik: Introducing Thunes Collections

This week we are celebrating a very important milestone, formally welcoming Limonetik, a company we acquired a few months ago, to the Thunes family. Limonetik is now becoming Thunes Collections.

For Thunes’ customers, that means that we will now be significantly expanding our services. We already help our partners send funds quickly, transparently and affordably across borders. Moving forward, we can also collect money globally. 

Limonetik has built amazing Payment Collections capabilities – founded in 2008, it has accumulated an exceptional network that can process 285 payment methods in 70 countries globally. Our vision is also aligned: we aspire to connect countries and continents, and enable the ability to send payments to – and get paid in – every corner of the world.

Thanks to Thunes Collections, we will help payment companies, marketplaces and merchants accept alternative payment methods from around the world. Businesses gain access to hundreds of millions of global consumers, while shoppers can pay anyone across the globe with their locally preferred method. 

We are extremely excited to be teaming up with the Limonetik team and are looking forward to working together as one team!

And for our customers, you can now get paid and pay through one partner. As simple as that. 

Ready to explore our Collections services? Get a copy of the Collections Network coverage, or schedule a call with our team to find out how Thunes Collections can drastically simplify your payments today. 

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Limonetik is now Thunes Collections - part of the leading cross-border payments platform Thunes.

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