Who we serve — Payment Service Providers

Faster, more visible payments, in more countries and currencies

Meet – and exceed – the needs of your customers and merchants. With real-time cross-border payments, and same-day payouts – even in emerging markets. Reduce costs and meet regulations instantly by simply plugging into our innovative far-reaching network.

A single API integration to access our entire network

A single API integration to access our entire network

Cut down on infrastructure investment – easily integrate your back office systems into ours with seamless integration by secure API.

Simple, faster, transparent cross-border payment flows

Simple, faster, transparent cross-border payment flows

Know how much you’re paying upfront. For small volume and frequent payments we are up to 80% cheaper than alternatives.

Instant payments in local currency in more than 110 countries

Instant payments in local currency in more than 110 countries

Mobile wallet, bank or cash pick-ups – you can payout any way, anywhere in real time via our global payment network.

More countries + more ways to pay = more opportunity for growth

110 +
4 bn
Bank Accounts
1.5 bn
Mobile Money Accounts
210 k
Cash Pick-Up Locations
1.1 bn

A superior, streamlined experience for your customers. More service offers, more payout corridors, more ways to pay

Cut through the complexity of local compliance requirements and improve your mechant offer instantly – powered by our white-label solution. We provide a global network and robust, well-established connections – even in hard-to-reach emerging markets.

  • Real-time payments and highly-visible tracking

    Know where your customer’s money is and when it’s arrived with instant payment confirmation – and quick resolution for any potential transfer issues.

  • A secure and compliant solution

    Your merchants can rest assured that transactions are secure and protected. We offer rigorous, real-time transaction monitoring and specialist technology to combat fraud and other financial crimes.

  • A service your customers can rely on

    We handle all the detail – including treasury functions, which means low decline rates. Your customers avoid high transfer fees and FX complexity with payments in local currency.

“As Asia’s first cross-border mobile payment alliance, VIA enhances the digital payment experience for customers. It provides a transparent and secure way for travellers to use their home mobile wallets to pay seamlessly at competitive exchange rates when overseas. Our goal is to drive the adoption of mobile payments across ASEAN and believe that meaningful partnerships such as those with Thunes – our payment platform partner – are key to achieving this.”

Gilbert Chuah

Head Mobile Financial Services

Easy onboarding and integration via API

Connect your sites and services via API to create a single interoperable network. Our APIs provide real-time transactions, tracking and reporting across our global network – as well as a host of supporting services.

  • Secure, robust, scalable APIs
    • Our cloud-based solution is hosted in Europe. It’s a robust, bank-level API with a 99.95% historical uptime.
  • Truly seamless integration
    • Integrate easily by API to join our fully interoperable and scalable platform backed by 24/7 tech support.

Thunes Business Hub

Simply plug and play to start sending funds worldwide quickly, securely and cost-effectively with Thunes Business Hub.

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