Payment solutions for Payment Service Providers

Offer a wide range of local payment methods to your customers and grow their business faster and further. Empower merchants with cross-border capabilities, reduce your operational cost and reduce the time to launch new markets.

Why work with Thunes

Transparent, real-time global payments

Reduce merchant friction with visible, real-time reporting that includes instant payment confirmation and enriched transaction information. Real-time payments are available in 70+ countries.

A single reconciled flow from multiple currencies

Whatever the mix of payment methods for a given currency, Thunes provides a streamlined process for reconciling transactions. We also consolidate all transaction data into a single report, simplifying your accounting and financial processes.

Expand into new markets quickly with a single API integration

Streamlined onboarding, integration and implementation. Capitalise on easy-to-integrate APIs and 24/7 support from our team of experts. We will help you to build a truly seamless user experience for your customers.

Funds in, funds out and more

Streamline your merchants’ payment operations with our all-in-one global payment solution. From seamless online payments to efficient fund management, our platform offers a comprehensive range of features and tools. Simplify payment acceptance, currency conversion and global settlements and reconciliation, with a single, convenient platform.

Our customers

We power payments for the world’s most ambitious businesses

What our clients say

“We are delighted to work with Thunes, enabling us to optimise and streamline our processes with a single API to remit money to many countries.”

Dr. Bernd Van Linder

CEO of Commercial Bank of Dubai

“We will continue to work with Thunes to expand the network to more countries worldwide. We want to make it easy and efficient for members to securely transfer money to their loved ones. This way, they can focus on what truly matters – helping make the world a better place. Partnering with Thunes offers a proven way forward.”

Bill Thomas

Chief Member Operations Officer at United Nations Federal Credit Union

“Thunes’ extensive global payments network has allowed us to offer faster daily earnings to these invaluable partners. Thunes seamlessly took care of the entire set-up and integration process, allowing us to focus on our market strategy and better serving our users.”

Jason Thompson

Head of GrabPay