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Our solution for Platforms

Payments that take place on a platform are intricate—there are funds-in from buyers, funds-out to sellers, refunds from sellers to buyers, as well as seller or buyer fees. With international payments, there’s an additional layer of complexity as platforms need to deal with multiple currencies and disparate sets of regulations.

Key challenges that platforms face revolve around payout coverage reach, reconciliation and establishing a network of trusted, reliable partners. And here’s where we come into the picture. By partnering with Thunes, you can leverage our capabilities to facilitate seamless cross-border transactions.

End-to-end compliance

Our systems and processes meet the highest international standards, and we’re licensed in the UK and Singapore. Find out more about our compliance team here.


Extend your reach

Expand your global reach through access to our entire payments ecosystem, comprising partners in over 100 countries and 60 currencies.

Safe, secure transactions through a trusted network

Rest assured that you’re working with a trusted network of partners. Our partners’ risk is continuously evaluated in real-time and throughout their journey to adapt our level of control.



Choose between connecting via API or a web portal.

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