Thunes’ modular capabilities

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  • Connect to our network and enable your customers to send instant payments to 114 mobile wallet brands and 3 billion mobile wallet accounts worldwide.

  • Enable reliable real-time payments to any bank, anywhere.

    With instant transfers, traceable transactions, and transparent fees, your customers can seamlessly access our global network of 4bn bank accounts with a single API integration.

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  • Meet one of the key drivers to global financial inclusion, with direct access to 92 mobile wallets worldwide through one single API Integration.

  • Accept, connect, scale. With one seamless API integration, you can simplify and streamline your payment process for more efficient operations and faster expansion into new markets.

  • Give your customers the opportunity to pay by flexible instalments – and tap into the purchasing preferences of the next generation of digital customers – with Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL). Reach new consumers, drive loyalty, and grow sales volumes by accepting digital values, such as prepaid cards and vouchers.

  • Reach new consumers, drive loyalty, and grow sales volumes by accepting digital values, such as prepaid cards and vouchers.

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  • Capitalise on the cross-border currency market and minimise cost volatility.

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  • Integrate Dynamic Risk Scoring (DRS), powered by Tookitaki, and benefit from the product that has transformed static risk rating models.

  • Accurately detect risk across the customer lifecycle, fast track onboarding, and streamline ongoing due diligence with Smart Screening.

  • Drive operational efficiency and reduce maintenance costs with our advanced pattern-based detection technology.

  • Case Manager is your centralised investigation and reporting solution for alerts across all AML processes, including screening, Customer Due Diligence (CDD), and transaction monitoring.

Who can benefit from
Thunes’ payment solutions


Plug into our payment network and open a world of opportunity

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Money Transfer Operators

Expand your cross-border corridors fast, securely and cost effectively

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Digital Merchants

Make it simple to do business across borders

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Creator Economy

Fast, frictionless payments for content creators around the world

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Platforms and Marketplaces

Create a better experience for buyers and sellers with fast, compliant and visible cross-border payments

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Payment Service Providers

Offer faster, more visible payments in more countries and currencies

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Mobile Wallets

Expand your payment network instantly and access fast-growing markets

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Why use our cross-border solutions?


Our payment flow is optimised for each market, and powered by deep local insight in developed, developing and emerging economies. From mobile wallets to local cards and domestic payment networks, we offer you payment technologies that truly matter.

Direct, uniquely wide network

Our far-reaching network is founded on strong, direct relationships. No intermediaries. No hidden fees. No endless delays. Just quick, transparent and cost-effective payment solutions in every corner of the world.

Instant, traceable transactions

We have built the world’s premier real-time payment rails, where 90% of transactions are instant. For the remaining ones, you get full visibility over FX rates and fees and real-time transaction status monitoring – so you can always track the transaction, see where the money is and know when it arrives.

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