Why accept payments from Mobile Wallets?

Local payment methods currently represent 70% of online transactions. And by 2026, mobile wallets will exceed 5.2 billion users globally. This global uptake is projected to continue, particularly in emerging markets which have traditionally been financially underserved.

However, the mobile wallet market faces its own set of challenges. There are currently 300+ platforms, each with its own set of features, limitations and user bases. In order to access different markets, companies need to integrate each mobile wallet provider separately. This lack of interoperability eats into engineering resources and hampers business growth.

And this is where Thunes comes in. With one API integration, our partners benefit from access to our global network, to make accepting mobile wallet payments seamless and straightforward.

Accept Mobile Wallets with Thunes: key benefits

Local user experience

Plug into our API, and connect your world. Benefit from a truly local checkout experience for your customers, and a truly seamless payment process for your business


We bring the world to you. Accept Mobile Wallets enables you to access the world’s most popular mobile wallets – and billions of global mobile wallet users – in one place

One API integration

A single integration provides access to our global, interoperable network. Grow your reach and expand your customer base with faster, more efficient expansion into new markets

Accept Mobile Wallet features

Accept payments in local currency

Accept mobile wallet payments in the local currency of your customers – quickly and securely.

Thunes enables its partners to create transactions either with local currency amounts or with your preferred currency using our Accept with Currency Conversion (ACC) feature, which eliminates the need for you to deal with local currencies at all.

Fast authorisation and access to funds

More efficient business, for greater customer satisfaction. Receive fast authorisation for payments made through mobile wallets and, upon successful authorisation, access funds quickly.

Enable faster cash flow, efficiently manage finances and fulfil customer orders without delay.

Easy to connect via standard plugins

Seamless and straightforward integration with some of the world’s most popular e-commerce platforms.

Our standard plugins for Magento and Mirakl simplify the connection process for merchants.

These plugins provide pre-built integration options, eliminating the need for extensive coding or development work and allowing merchants to quickly set up and start accepting payments.

Settlement in dozens of global currencies

Fast and secure settlement in more than 36 currencies.

Receive settlements in numerous currencies, and gain the flexibility to operate in international markets. Expand your customer base and manage cross-border transactions more effectively.

Transparent pricing and FX

No intermediaries. No hidden fees. No endless delays. Just fast, transparent and reliable payments at up to 10x cheaper than most bank transfers.

With full visibility on transaction prices and FX fees for payouts, beneficiaries can easily understand the amount they will receive in their local currency.

Build trust with recipients, reduce errors in payouts and minimise disputes, in one seamless flow.

Single reconciliation in any currency

A single connection and reconciliation flow for seamless payment solutions.

Whatever the mix of payment methods for a given currency, Thunes provides a streamlined process for reconciling transactions.

We consolidate all transaction data into a single report, simplifying your accounting and financial processes.

A single platform for acceptance and payouts

Streamline and optimise operational processes, with one unified platform.

Our centralised platform for payment acceptance and payouts enables your customers to manage incoming and outgoing payments more efficiently. Help your customers to simplify their financial operations, enhance control and visibility and improve overall efficiency in managing transactions.

Our customers

We power payments for the world’s most ambitious businesses

What our clients say

“With a single integration, Thunes’ network provides us with global coverage and varied payment options, to deliver seamless cross-border transactions. We are increasing financial inclusion across various markets.”

Patrice Kiiru

Group Associate Director, International Banking Payments

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