What problems does Case Manager solve?

No more standalone alerts. No more unnecessarily lengthy investigations. Case Manager means that investigators have all of the information they need, in one place.

Case Manager helps to keep your compliance operations centralised and streamlined. Make investigation and reporting faster and more effective, with a holistic view across all AML processes.

Case Manager also seamlessly integrates with all AML modules, which means that any alerts generated are automatically incorporated into the Case Manager alerts queue and all information is aggregated at customer-level, for more efficient processing.

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Case Manager with Thunes: key benefits

Effective Investigation

Everything you need, consolidated. Centralised alerts from all AML processes in a single, centralised customer-level case

Customisable STR templates

Ensure that your processes meet local regulations and goAML standards, with customisable Suspicious Transaction Reports (STR) templates

Enhanced efficiency

Simplify your investigation and reporting and drive efficiency, with built-in workflow and task management automation

Case Manager features

Centralised investigation

All your cases in one place.

Benefit from a centralised investigation of alerts across screening, Customer Due Diligence (CDD), transaction monitoring and fraud.

Make informed decisions more quickly, with all case-relevant information in one place. Automatically generate in-depth investigation reports, without the hassle of gathering information from multiple sources.

Dynamic dashboard

Constant, comprehensive insights into your compliance. Efficiently monitor operations with our dynamic dashboard.

Automated STR reporting

Maximise efficiency and accuracy, with automated, in-depth investigation reporting.

Our Case Manager uses customisable Suspicious Transaction Reports (STR) templates that meet both local regulations and goAML standards, to streamline operations.

Configurable multi-stage review process

Boost efficiency with powerful automation.

Our configurable, multi-stage review process enables a flexible workflow, with controls built for multi-level review and effective AML governance.

Benefit from built-in workflow and task management automation, to standardise investigation, seamlessly handle cases and promote faster disposition with minimal manual input.

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