What problem does Dynamic Risk Scoring solve?

Dynamic Risk Scoring (DRS) not only allows businesses to benefit from real-time risk analysis – it also adapts to shifting consumer habits, to help you keep one step ahead.

It leverages static rules and dynamic risk indicators with machine learning models, to automatically generate highly accurate scores and encourage more cost-efficient Customer Due Diligence (CDD) process. DRS provides a dynamic risk ranking of both existing and new customers, which means it can accurately process customer risk scores with very little historical data.

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Dynamic Risk Scoring with Thunes: keys Benefits

Gain complete visibility

Reduce your customer risk with a 360-degree risk profile across a full range of factors. From demographics to historical risk, we make accurate, real-time decision-making and regulatory compliance effortless

Reduce onboarding risk

Benefit from real-time risk scoring for a seamless onboarding which works hard to mitigate financial crime risk, minimise operational costs and create a better experience for you and your customers

Adjust to changing customer behaviour

Enhance resilience with our agile approach to risk analysis. Our dynamic risk review engine automatically adapts to shifting consumer habits, to keep you ahead of the game

Dynamic Scoring features

Dynamic risk rating engine

Adapt to evolving customer behaviour automatically, to provide accurate risk scores for both new and existing customers.

Our dynamic risk rating engine comes with more than 90 pre-defined rules, as well as the option to create your own custom set. The engine also generates risk indicators dynamically, based on transactional and alert data.

360-degree risk profile

Enhance risk management with comprehensive visibility of customer risk.

Calculate risk from multiple dimensions, including demographic, transactions, network associations and historical risk profiles, to build out your customer profiling and power faster, more accurate decision-making – even for customers with little to no existing data.

Real-time risk scoring

Access real-time risk scoring across customer profile information and get informed decisions on customers and their risk profiles, instantly.

Leverage a dynamic risk review engine which automatically adapts to evolving customer behaviour, based on pre-configured rules, for seamless and risk-mitigated onboarding.

Event-driven triggers for risk assessments

Stay one step ahead – and on the pulse – at all times.

We take care of event-driven ongoing due diligence for fast and effective risk response, more current and accurate customer risk assessments, and enhanced risk management.

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