Why Exchange Currencies?

Fluctuating exchange rates, hidden fees and uncertain timing can significantly impact the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of cross-border payments. We have built a solution that can transform these challenges into opportunities.

Thunes’ Exchange Currencies service is designed to streamline your currency conversion needs and optimise your financial operations.

Convert currencies for your payments, lock in flexible FX rates and make financial operations easier and more efficient. Get an enhanced experience with transparent upfront costs, automated conversions and fully traceable status of operations.

Exchange Currencies
with Thunes: key benefits

Stay in

Speed and agility, with no compromise on performance. Control your volatility exposure and costs.

Manage your global flows

Exchange in multiple currencies to expand your reach and grow your global customer base – in one consolidated network.

Full transparency

Take advantage of a straightforward approach to currency conversion, with clear rates and settlement timings.


Leverage our API or portal-based services for fast integration, a seamless exchange process and an enhanced user experience.

Exchange Currency features

Flexible FX options

To support your cross-border payments with the Thunes PAY service, we offer both transaction-based currency exchange as well as bulk currency exchange. Whether you are looking to improve the efficiency for your business or to enhance the experience of your customers, we can find a currency exchange solution that can help you convert currencies efficiently and manage currency volatility effectively.

Available via a web portal or API integration

At Thunes, we believe in giving you the freedom to choose how you want to integrate our Exchange Currencies service into your operations.

Thunes’ web portal is designed with simplicity and accessibility in mind. This option allows you to access our powerful currency exchange capabilities through an intuitive online interface.

For a more direct and tailored approach, opt for API integration. This choice allows you to seamlessly integrate currency exchange for payments into your platform or applications, maintaining complete control.

The choice is yours — Thunes Exchange Currencies service can adapt to your preferences, ensuring an enhanced user experience that suits your needs.

Adaptable settlement timing for enhanced financial management

At Thunes, we have the ability to match your settlement timing requirements to your business needs. Our service provides settlement options, including up to T+2 (transaction date plus two business days) for PAY solutions, allowing you to align your currency conversions with your financial objectives. Whether you require immediate settlement or require an extended settlement window, Thunes adapts to your timeline.

For businesses that require high-volume currency exchanges, Thunes offers bulk currency conversion capabilities to perform payouts. This feature streamlines the process of handling large quantities of currency transactions efficiently. It’s designed to save you time and resources while ensuring the seamless execution of bulk currency exchange.

Effortless Currency Conversion with Automation

Thunes’ Exchange Currencies service simplifies your currency exchange workflow. There’s no need to navigate through cumbersome manual processes or rely on traditional communication methods.

Our automated system ensures that your conversions are executed seamlessly, without the need for time-consuming phone calls, emails or manual processes. This automation not only saves you precious time but also eliminates the risk of human error, guaranteeing accuracy in every transaction.

Our automated conversion system is not only reliable but also highly efficient. It operates around the clock, ensuring that your transactions can be initiated and completed at any time, without the constraints of traditional business hours. This flexibility allows you to take full control of your currency conversion needs on your terms.

Diverse Currency Portfolio

Thunes’ Exchange Currencies service offers a wide selection of currencies, including those from emerging markets. This diversity enables you to expand your global reach, seize growing business opportunities and enhance your payment solutions to cater to a broader customer base.

Whether you’re sending remittances, facilitating cross-border transactions or managing multinational business payments, our diverse currency offerings ensure that you have the right tools to cater to the specific needs of your customers.

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