Why Pay-to-Banks?

The traditional legacy correspondent banking system is broken – and it is making cross-border payments painful. Endless intermediaries. Continual delays. No transparency on the payment status.

This means a slow, frustrating, high-friction experience for both sender and recipient – which Thunes can easily solve.

Cross-border payouts to bank accounts offer a secure and convenient way to transfer funds internationally. This method is widely accepted and trusted, making it a reliable solution for individuals and businesses seeking efficient cross-border payment solutions.

Thunes gives you access to


bank accounts

Pay-to-Banks with Thunes: key benefits

A truly global network

Enable your customers to make payments to any of the 4 billion bank accounts across the world. Fast, secure and seamless solutions – with just one API integration.

Transparency at every touchpoint

Upfront FX rates and fees and fully traceable transactions, for peace of mind and an enhanced customer experience. No delays, no confusion – just transfers that you can trust.

Business and consumer banking

Whether paying to personal or business accounts, your customers benefit from instant and efficient worldwide payments. Drive connectivity, to grow your global reach.

Pay-to-Banks features

Connect to local networks and real-time payment systems

Benefit from instant or same-day transactions and access more than 54 local, Real-Time Payment systems in one single, unified structure. Reduce the risk of payment delays with faster settlement times.

Our network is optimised for both consumer and business payment use cases, to expand your reach and enhance connectivity.

Transparent transaction status

Improve customer trust, reduce the risk of disputes and improve reliability with greater visibility into the payment process.

We provide real-time reporting, instant payment confirmation and enriched transaction information for an enhanced customer experience.

Streamlined business payments, without high transaction fees

Connect to Thunes’ Pay-to-Bank network and efficiently handle business payments of all sizes without incurring high transaction fees.

Leverage modern and robust payment rails to complement your correspondent banking systems, and offer your business customers efficient processing for invoices and supplier payments.

Transparent pricing and FX

No intermediaries. No hidden fees. No endless delays. Just fast, transparent and reliable payments at up to 10x cheaper than most bank transfers.

With full visibility on transaction prices and FX fees for payouts, beneficiaries can easily understand the amount they will receive in their local currency.

Build trust with recipients, reduce errors in payouts and minimise disputes, in one seamless flow.

Our customers

We power payments for the world’s most ambitious businesses

What our clients say

“We are proud to now have faster international transfers than the local ones – we sent a transaction to the UK and it completed in less than one minute.”

Sadeq Al Thawab

Executive Director at D360 Bank

“We will continue to work with Thunes to expand the network to more countries worldwide. We want to make it easy and efficient for members to securely transfer money to their loved ones. This way, they can focus on what truly matters – helping make the world a better place. Partnering with Thunes offers a proven way forward.”

Bill Thomas

Chief Member Operations Officer at United Nations Federal Credit Union

“With a single integration, Thunes’ network provides us with global coverage and varied payment options, to deliver seamless cross-border transactions. We are increasing financial inclusion across various markets.”

Patrice Kiiru

Group Associate Director, International Banking Payments

“Thunes’ extensive global payments network has allowed us to offer faster daily earnings to these invaluable partners. Thunes seamlessly took care of the entire set-up and integration process, allowing us to focus on our market strategy and better serving our users.”

Jason Thompson

Head of GrabPay

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