What problem does Smart Screening solve?

Screening solutions are a vital element of efficient and effective compliance. If they are even marginally inaccurate, it could result in high false positives, delayed customer onboarding, held payments and even the risk of missing out on true hits – which results in huge fines.

Safely grow your customer base with accurate and continuous screening against sanctions lists, politically exposed persons (PEPs), adverse media and other blacklist databases. Smart Screening leverages AI-powered identity-matching to accurately identify positive hits while reducing false positives across names and transactions, in real-time and in batch mode.

This combination of machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables fast and efficient customer and transaction screening, to minimise compliance friction and increase operational efficiency.

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Smart Screening with Thunes: key Benefits

Powerful screening engine

Harness our powerful Smart Screening technology to accurately detect risky customers in real-time, minimise compliance friction and mitigate risk


Our system matches seven customer-related fields, for significantly higher identification accuracy in screening

Unparalleled screening

Benefit from coverage which encompasses 50+ name-matching techniques, for greater precision and a higher positive hit rate

Expand domestic and cross-border payments

Secure domestic and cross-border payments with real-time results, to reduce risk and help your business grow – whether you operate locally or internationally

Smart Screening features

AI matching engine

Harness innovative AI techniques to power your compliance, and to screen customers and payments with precision.

Smart Screening enables you to detect hits based on a complex combination of indicators, using fuzzy matching and advanced proprietary algorithms.

Customer identity matching

Benefit from greater accuracy in identity matching, with more ways to match your customers.

Smart Screening provides more than five types of enriched secondary information, including date of birth and year of incorporation, for enhanced customer identity matching.

Effective cross-lingual matching

Break down language barriers and benefit from our built-in transliteration engine, designed for effective cross-lingual matching.

We support the screening of customers and transactions across more than 22 languages and more than 10 scripts.

Fully automated testing

Thunes’ simulation mode fully automates the test and retest of matching configurations.

Our simulation mode can quickly test and deploy configurations, with automated threshold recommendations for specific watchlists.

Finely tuned engine

Our enhanced screening includes 50 matching parameters which can be tuned to industry, segment and business-specific risk requirements.

This means that you can benefit from enriched insights, for better risk analysis and smoother operations.

Powerful alert prioritisation engine

Our alert prioritisation is powered by machine learning, for faster and more precise reporting.

It learns from historical data to accurately classify alerts into high, medium and low-risk levels, to reduce false positives.

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