Introducing our simple web interface, Thunes Business Hub.

Instant payments to
every corner of the world

Broaden your service offering with an intuitive web-based
interface, expanding your global remittance and business payments across 90+ countries – solving all your global payment needs.




Global. Affordable. Transparent.

We offer simple and smooth payouts to 90+ countries (and counting) across bank accounts, mobile wallets, and cash pickup points. You can track your transactions in real-time, and 90% of them come within 30 minutes.

We also don’t like hidden fees, so you get to see your FX and transaction fees upfront. And because we work with our partners directly, our payment fees typically end up 90% cheaper than most bank transfers, which makes it ideal for small-ticket transactions

How it works

Ideal for Fintechs & Money Transfer Companies

Money Transfer Companies

Expand your coverage network and unlock additional revenue streams.

Fintech Companies

Integrate payments into your service without waiting for full integration.

What you can do on

Thunes Business Hub


Standard Plan

Access Thunes Business Hub and
start making no-fuss payouts

Subscription fee


(*Transaction fees + FX spread apply.
Standard plan not available for companies registered in Africa)

Enterprise Plan

Access integration via APIs, customized pricing and more payout coverage for your business

Available for businesses with high
payment volume and frequency of
US$1,000,000 and above per month

(*Setup and minimum fees apply).

Creating an account with
Thunes is as easy as 1-2-3:


Check eligibility and prepare
supporting documents.

You can find the full list of required documents here.

If your company is registered in Singapore or the United Kingdom – you’re fully eligible to work with us. If your business is incorporated in other countries, please make sure you have a license.


Click the “Sign up” button below
to create your account.

Fill in your personal details and company details to create an account. Once created, you can save your progress and complete compliance details at your own time.


Upload all supporting documents
and submit your application.

We’ll review your application within a few days and contact you if there are any additional queries.


You’ll receive a Welcome Email which will guide you to set up your secure access to Thunes Business Hub.


What can I do with Thunes Business Hub

You will find more information on this page.

Can I see the Transaction fee and FX before I see the transaction?

1. Yes, you will have full visibility into the fees upfront.

2. The fx rates and transaction fees are available on My Thunes Network (found on the left hand menu). Select the country you’d wish to send to and click on the View Details button.

3. Alternatively, you will be presented with fx rates and transaction fees when you are creating a One Transfer. Rates and transaction fees will be quoted at the start of the transaction.

My company is not incorporated in Singapore or the UK, can I sign up?

Yes, you are allowed to sign up through our website when your company is not incorporated in Singapore or the UK, providing that your company has a valid payment license or regulatory status in using the Thunes service or adopting the Thunes solution.

If your company is not incorporated in Singapore or UK and does not have a payment license or regulatory status, please contact us at, and our team will reach out to you soon on next steps.

Do I need a license to send payouts?

Not in Singapore, the United Kingdom, France, United States, and, yes, everywhere else.

What are the fees and charges for using Thunes?

Depending on the corridor you are sending to, Thunes charges a transaction fee and applies FX margin on your payment transaction.

What Documents are Required?

1. Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum & Articles of Association (or equivalent)

2. Copy of ID of legal representatives, connected parties, and/or board members, and/or senior management members

3. Ownership structure dated and signed by an authorised representative of your company displaying any parent company and Ultimate Beneficial Owners directly or indirectly having control or ownership of 10% or more in your company

4. Copy of ID of any ultimate beneficial owners

5. Proof of regulatory status, such as license issued by the regulatory authority

6. Copy of AML & CTF policy document that outlines processes for KYC and Sanctions List Screening

7. Agent / Partner oversight policy document that outlines processes for network onboarding and continued oversight

8. Anti-Bribery Policy

9. Data Protection Policy

10. Audited financial statements for the last 3 years

11. Any additional supporting file(s) and document(s)

Is Thunes a licensed service provider?

Yes, Thunes currently hold payment licenses in these regions.


Thunes Asia Private Limited Monetary Authority of Singapore Major Payment Institution License Cross border money transfer PS20200397
TransferTo Mobile Financial Services Ltd. (UK) Financial Conduct Authority Payment Institution License 720167
Thunes Financial Services Inc. (United States) FinCen Money Service Business Registration 31000155490620
Thunes Payments Acquisition Services S.A.S French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority Etablissement de Paiement 91332