launch of Thunes business hub

Thunes Product Launch: Start sending funds across the globe in a few clicks with Thunes Business Hub

Today, we are pleased to launch the Thunes Business Hub. This new solution enables our customers to access our global payments network and start sending funds worldwide, in a cost-effective, secure and timely manner – with no technical integration

The new hub web interface solution has you up and running in no time. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A simple process to run all your transactions (individual or batch)
  • Manage your account in real time. You will be able to search, view and download transactions, grant access to team members, and more from any of your devices.
  • A secure and privacy compliant set up

And there’s even more to come soon, including network management, the ability to reach new countries, and market trends information. Interested to see how Thunes can help? Get in touch with our team today.