Thunes Product Release: Enhance your payments capabilities, faster than ever.

Starting today, Thunes is rolling out a new Onboarding Portal, which will be available to all our customers around the globe.

For a new partner, the onboarding process can often be time-consuming and daunting. It’s something that Bogdan Dinu, our Head of Product, understands. 

“Onboarding is our first touchpoint with our partners, so it’s vital that the experience is a good one,” explains Bogdan. “Also, we all know that onboarding a new partner requires the exchange of high volumes of legal, compliance and other documentation, which requires a high level of security.”

The new dedicated digital portal offers Thunes’ partners and potential customers a quick, easy and secured onboarding journey, allowing you to go to market faster. Key features include a one-stop platform to upload all compliance and legal documentation, easy-to-fill forms with pre-populated information from our API data integration, all supported with multilingual options – perfect for international teams. 

With the seamless experience that Thunes Onboarding Portal provides, new partners will be able to join our extensive global payments network in a matter of days and quickly establish payments corridors anywhere in the world. 

“Building a single, intuitive and user-friendly platform that automates the process was paramount to improve on this experience for our partners,” continues Bogdan. “Our vision is to fully automate this process and continue to enhance the capabilities over the coming months, so partners and potential customers can look forward to even more useful features on the portal.”

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