Thunes to Help UK-based Paydek Widen Global Scope, Payment Options

New partnership expands global coverage and transaction efficiency for Paydek customers

Singapore/London 7 Dec 2020 – UK-based payments company, Paydek today announced a partnership with leading global payments network Thunes to provide customers with enhanced payment options and a broader international reach, specifically in emerging markets.

The Paydek platform supports a large global base of corporate and individual customers in processing payments to over 160 countries. These customers – such as website designers, independent freelancers, and payroll companies – can now pay workers, suppliers, and partners fast, reliably and at an economical cost. 

Through Thunes’ extensive global partner network and robust technological capabilities, the tie-up will enable local currency payments, which will expand the breadth, speed and processing efficiency of Paydek services – all of which is critical for business continuity. More than 80 additional countries are expected to join Paydek’s payment network following this partnership with Thunes.

The substantial increase in global coverage will include countries across Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia, providing rich opportunities for SMBs to expand their market reach. An e-commerce startup based in Berlin would now easily be able to deliver payments quickly and reliably to a manufacturing plant in Bangladesh.

‘’Getting paid as a freelancer can be frustrating when it comes to the currency, along with the payment method in which you wish to be paid. Paydek’s platform solves this problem by providing our clients with the ability to manage cross-border payments with our dedicated multi-currency IBAN accounts, enabling our corporate and individual clients to maintain funds in up to 39 currencies while giving them the option to withdraw funds to their bank in their local currency or to their prepaid cards. The ability to provide fast payment delivery and a broad array of payment options are vital to their financial stability,” said Terry Hopkinson, Managing Director Paydek. “With the addition of Thunes backing Paydek’s local bank transfers into emerging markets, we are better positioned to offer an enhanced service to our clientele.”

“We are pleased to partner with Paydek and to unlock new payment possibilities for their customers,” commented Peter De Caluwe, CEO of Thunes. “Through this collaboration, Paydek can benefit from access to Thunes’ global network, and in particular, our strong foothold in emerging markets. This creates new avenues for individuals and businesses to perform cross-border payments quickly and efficiently regardless of where they are, and in real time.

About Paydek

Paydek is a global leader in multi-payment solutions. Paydek was founded in 2009, with headquarters in London and a branch in Bucharest. The Paydek platform offers its customers, both corporate and individuals, an array of online and offline payment solutions such as dedicated multicurrency IBAN accounts, mass pay-out solutions, API integrations and prepaid cards via our web based or mobile payment solutions.

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