TransferTo announces launch of Global Value Hub at Finovate Europe

TransferTo, the industry leader in international mobile top-up, will be appearing at Finovate Europe, February 10th and 11th, to announce the launch of their global mobile value hub; an innovative new service that is transforming how people transfers funds cross borders worldwide.

With TransferTo’s global mobile value hub, migrants now have more options than ever in terms of how they send money to loved ones. Whether it is an aunt in Indonesia who needs her electricity meter topped up, a son in the Philippines who needs his tuition paid, or a grandfather in Mexico who needs help with his groceries – TransferTo enables real-time transfers of value directly to recipients.

The majority of the world uses pre-paid billing, and now prepaid utility meters are increasingly digital, such as electricity in Indonesia. This means topping up no longer requires a long trek to the nearest bank to pay a bill or to a store to buy a top-up card. In fact, the paying party doesn’t even have to be in the same country!
TransferTo’s CEO Eric Barbier and EVP for Global Business Development Charles Damen will be demonstrating TransferTo’s unique global value remittance hub at Finovate Europe. Looking forward to the appearance, CEO Eric Barbier said, “We are very excited to announce TransferTo’s global value hub launch as it is an innovative and effective solution for the remittance industry. Allowing consumers to have more control over how their remittances are spent increases confidence, and makes it more economical for them to send small amounts to a wider range of recipients.”

He went on, “TransferTo is the one-stop-shop for businesses seeking to broaden their portfolio of remittance options, and we are delighted that the audience at Finovate Europe will get to see why major companies such as PayPal, Blackberry Messenger, Orange, Western Union and WorldRemit use the TransferTo service.”

About TransferTo

TransferTo helps businesses offer mobile money, goods and services, and airtime top-ups around the world in real time. Our global mobile remittance Hub provides an essential combination of services and technology to mobile telecommunication companies and financial institutions including MTN, Singtel, Orange, Western Union, PayPal, and Xoom. Thousands of companies in over 100 countries depend on TransferTo to provide mobile financial transactions for their customers without the need for a bank account. TransferTo’s clients are companies whose consumer base consists largely of people connecting with family and friends back home.

Founded in 2005, TransferTo currently links +4.5 billion mobile users across more than 400 mobile operators.