Treasury Onboarding Made Easy with Thunes: Product Release

Contribution by: Chenguang Ma, Product Owner

The onboarding process is one of the first interactions our partners have with us, so ensuring a seamless experience is vital. 

Treasury onboarding is a complex process that can often be time-consuming and challenging. Onboarding a new partner requires the completion of a high volume of legal, compliance and financial documentation – and that’s unavoidable. But Thunes has identified ways to speed up and simplify the experience to enable partners to get to market faster and start generating revenue. 

This article explains how Thunes’ new Treasury Onboarding Module automates manual tasks, cuts turnaround times and adds greater transparency.

Challenges and frustrations

The conventional treasury onboarding process involves a mix of manual entry spreadsheets, phone calls and emails. Along the way, internal finance and treasury teams have to provide data to many independent systems. Hands-on, paper-based practices not only extend the duration of the onboarding process but are also prone to human error and inconsistencies. Prospective partners can easily be put off by such clunky, drawn-out procedures.

New Treasury Onboarding Module

Starting June 2021, an improved treasury onboarding module is available to all incoming partners, paving the way for a smooth and efficient experience.

The new tech-powered module simplifies and accelerates treasury onboarding through an all-new streamlined process. This enables partners to share information with Thunes, to complete both partner due diligence and treasury onboarding. 

Automated notifications allow each party to find, track and review comments, eliminating the need for endless email or phone exchanges. The simplified procedure can be used across different teams, becoming a single hub for customer data, reducing any risk of duplication and error.

With a seamless, fit-for-purpose onboarding experience, new partners will be able to join Thunes’ extensive global network in a matter of days – not weeks – and quickly establish corridors anywhere in the world.

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